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While the majority of the Nickelodeon movies made a decent amount of money, most of them have not been critically acclaimed with the exception of the first two Rugrats movies and The Wild Thornberrys.

Similar to when Nickelodeon released Clockstoppers to get into the craze of Spy Kids, the next live action movie would try to get into the fantasy genre.

Anna starts to message a handsome man until she starts getting disturbing messages that a match is close by. Adeline's Catholic School she knew something wasn't right with Sister Sophia. Over the top, 90210-like drama (with extra murder) encapsulated in a glorious 2 hour package.

Was it the red lipstick and refusal to recite the Morning Prayer? Like its ilk, you can ignore the last minute or two of network interference, and bask in the glory of sex-crazed nunnery-sin with exceedingly pretty people and cheese galore.

Or the way she eyed her brother Jason..he was dessert?

As Zoe's suspicions grow so does the creepy bond between the "good" sister and her brother - a bond bordering on seduction.

Daniel has also been crazy busy since the end of Ned’s Declassified.

He’s starred in Zeke and Luther, Glee, and most recently, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

The book series they chose was the fantasy series A Series of Unfortunate Events written by Lemony Snicket.

The stories were about three children with special gifts named Claus, Violet, and Sunny Bauderlaire who move in with their relative, an evil count named Olaf, after their parents died. Working together, they traveled to various places and stayed with numerous people only with unfortunate things happening.

Nickelodeon Movies had bought the rights to Lemony Snicket's books in 2000 to make it into a movie series.

Does Nickelodeon Movies finally make a critically acclaimed movie or did they fall on the short end of a popular phase in fantasy movies?

Since Ned’s Declassified, Devon has appeared in many films with Bad Sister as his most recent.


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